> B20_06 Production Unit – ICU Tracks

Catalogue Number: B20_06
Release Date: April 30th 2012

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To say that sound is powerful is almost a truism, but at times it bears repetition. Glasgow’s Production Unit knows this too well as he describes the reasons behind his debut for Broken20, the ‘ICU Tracks’ EP: “This music is constructed from the sounds of the hospital machines I heard for many weeks when someone very close to me was on the brink. I have perfect pitch, so sound and tone affect me more than other people and, on top of everything else, I felt imprisoned behind these harsh tones; I resolved to exercise some dominion over them by trapping them, through music, perhaps also in the process explaining to others the intensity of the sounds I heard and felt. Oddly, arriving at that decision provided a coping mechanism of sorts, a dark light at the end of the tunnel.”

Creation as a form of self-exorcism, then? Each track features sounds of the exact pitch and timbre as those found on the ward. The purported ambivalence of the machines is left intact, but the intimidating character of their surroundings is implicit – the EP may not be a happy listen, but it was never intended as such. The artist continues: “Ultimately those machines were a positive force, and it’s right that positive effects should come from their harnessing as well, but part of the process is in dissipating the unease towards others.”

Production Unit was a member of electronica outfit The Marcia Blaine School For Girls alongside TVO. He has released on Highpoint Lowlife and Stuff Records amongst others, and assists in the running of Broken20 with TVO and Erstlaub. He curates the B20 cassette sub-label Broken60 and will release his debut artist album on that stable later this year.



– Joe Muggs, The Wire April 2012 issue

Shadowy techno manoeuvres on Ruaridh TVO’s Broken20 label from the mysterious Production Unit. It’s an austere but compelling journey through Sahko-style bleepery and bouncier electro-tech menace, at one point even shot through with an autumnal melodic sensibility somewhere between Julien Neto and Autechre. Remixes come from Perc, who supplies an extra dose of ghosted minor-key chord action and one of his custom drop-forge 4/4 thumps, while Emptyset’s Paul Purgas excels with a bleak, beatless version that sounds like a more dub-wise cousin of Nate Young’s Regression material and is honestly worth the price of admission alone.

– Boomkat.com

notes: skeletal, bare-boned techno. machine noise. human noise. hospital noise. a metaphoric inexorableness to the tracks, that falls apart, that sputters to a stop. feels like it’s contained, feels like mitosis. a heart murmurs… the perc mix is relentless. c.p.r at one hundred bpm. carpenter’s halloween as ambient/gabba. yamashiro’s akira soundtrack as 8-bit gamelan. horror aesthetics. a personal apocalypse. dubby claustrophobia. narrowing tunnels into a kindof zen opening. light/motes filtering through. an acceptance. we are all rhythms; inescapable, bloody, jaunty. so it goes…

– Cows Are Just Food

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> Introducing Broken20

welcome to Broken20.

Broken20 is a new label from ruaridhTVO, with assistance from production unit and erstlaub

Broken20 will release all sorts of music. Rather than be genre-tied, we will be releasing music rooted in a particular aesthetic – releases concerned with decay, erosion, entropy, mistakes and errors, line noise and tape hiss, hum and buzz.

We’ll primarily be a digital download label, although there will be forays into highly limited cd- and dvd-r variants of our releases. We hope to eventually release some vinyl editions.

> Forthcoming Releases

November 19th Production Unit – There Are No Shortcuts In A Grid System

TVO/Covered In Sand – Red Night Variations cassette/DVD
Orphax DVD
EP Series 1: Semtek

further: Spatial, Tengui, Mick Finesse, DJ Votive/Dour Tonic Input, and a reissue from the 1950s

> There Is No Grid

To accompany the amazing new album from Production Unit, we’ve developed a microsite to go with it featuring all of his past work, to give context to his debut album. As well as four full EPs, there are dj mixes and interviews to examine.

You can find it at broken20.com/grid

> B20_10 Production Unit – There Are No Shortcuts In A Grid System

We’re very proud to have reached our milestone 10th release proper (15th in total).
Our 10th release is “There Are No Shortcuts In A Grid System”, the debut album from label co-founder Production Unit.
It comes on standard digital and deluxe boxed USB stick set, with art prints and additional material.
Full details, including clips and reviews, can be found on the dedicated release page.

> B20_09 Mick Finesse – Spatial Anxiety EP

Our 9th release is out now. It’s a digital release of gritty, broken techno from Denver resident Steve Penders aka Mick Finesse, and is accompanied by remixes from Cassegrain, Tengui and our own TVO.
Full details, including clips and reviews, can be found on the dedicated release page.

> b20_08 Erstlaub – Marconi’s Shipwreck DVD/digital

Our 8th release is out on August 27th. It comes from our Art Director and resident drone guru Dave Fyans, aka Erstlaub, on DVD and digital.
Full details, including clips and reviews, can be found on the dedicated release page.

> Podcast 22: The Outer Church


Our 22nd podcast is now online from label friend and sometime host of our music, The Outer Church. A weird, double edged trip to the depths of the forest – simultaneously soothing and terrifying – it fills the listener’s head with crackle and flame. Grab it from the podcast tab above.

> b60_02 TVO – Red Night

Red Night, label boss TVO’s 6th solo album, is out now on cassette and digital on our tape sub-label Broken60.
Clips, details and a couple of great reviews already – including a stellar one from The Wire magazine – are available over at Broken60 along with those all important purchase links. You can buy it direct from our store at store.broken20.com

> Podcast 21 : Penalune


Our 21st podcast is now online from our own artist Penalune. A dark, intense journey through the experimental side projects of metal musicians, it exemplifies the spirit of the label. Grab it from the podcast tab above.

> b20_07 Penalune

Our 7th release is now out. From NYC artist Christopher Ernst, aka Penalune, it’s an hour of dark industrial drone and noise
Full details, including clips and reviews, can be found on the dedicated release page.

> b20_07 is coming soon

Not content with releasing the amazing ‘ICU Tracks’ from Production Unit, we’re moving straight on to our next, very different release. From Brooklyn’s Penalune, it’s a DVD/digital release that touches on classic British industrial sounds, noise and drone to mesmerising effect.

Check out the full release page here

> b20_06 Production Unit

b20_06 is now out. It’s a digital release, ICU Tracks, from Production Unit, which comes with remixes from Perc and Paul Purgas from Emptyset.
Full details, including clips and reviews, can be found on the dedicated release page.